Positive trusting relationships are the key to personal & business success.

Research shows that even with the best products and business practices, you still need strong trusting relationships to succeed in today’s new marketplace.

Trust is the single most powerful attribute anyone can possess. It can change politics, foster dreams, guide a child, or create a nation. His coaching experience can give his clients hope, create a vision, build a company, and create successful partnerships.

Trust is the magic of connecting. When you connect, you can become the outstanding partner who understands how to fulfill your needs and the needs of others.

When dining out with friends impress them with your social graces of conversation. Be the hit of the party by connecting with everyone in the room, while attracting that person you really want to meet.

Dick’s coaching approach is a collaborative one. He works as a partner to design a “proactive” process around your life, work environment, personal challenges while developing a self-awareness of your patterns and passions. The result of his coaching communication strategies will yield stronger relationships and boost your morale. Every discussion and every phone call is made with the singular purpose of helping you to discover the keys that will make you more fulfilled and more productive in your work.

By tailoring his coaching approach to each individual he will help you see things you could not see, hear things you could not hear and think things you could not think. Once you do, you will be able to do things you have never been able to do before.
Success” is a word not only attributed to Dick’s ability to help relationships grow and succeed, but is the driving force behind his family coaching. He has been coaching pre-marital and married couples for over twenty-seven years and has resulted in less than a 10% divorce rate while the national rate is over 50%.